Because I’ve got such a great nose for commerce, I structured my second Alex Delaware novel around pediatric cancer, incest, borderline horror elements, the breeding and mutation of rare fruit and a host of other edgy themes. My publisher was repelled, but after one best-seller, forced to publish the book. BLOOD TEST garnered great reviews and I thought I’d beat the sophomore curse. Unfortunately, the hardcover version was lost – literally – in a warehouse somewhere in Nebraska. No one bothered to tell me and I was dispatched on a multi-city tour, only to find no books in the stores. Zero. At the same time, Vanna White was touring for her opus, VANNA SPEAKS and I encountered long queues of flush-faced, bouquet-clutching businessmen waiting to meet the doyenne of letters. I started to wonder what I was doing in the book business. In paperback, BLOOD TEST, became a word-of-mouth best-seller. Thanks again, dear readers.

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