Time for another look at Alex Delaware’s personal life and history. I suppose I need to do this every few years to make sure I’m delivering authentic goods to my readers. This time, AD is the target of a shadowy psychopath intent on carefully-crafted revenge, for reasons unknown to our dear doctor. I was out for a claustrophobic sense of menace and dread – of life spinning out of control abruptly and without warning. Perhaps it was working through the shock of cancer diagnosis a few years back – the “Are you sitting down?” call from my doctor. Or maybe it was simply ye olde twisted mind at work again. Francis Ford Coppola bought the book to develop as a t.v. movie and hired a skilled screenwriter to adapt it. It didn’t work and I rewrote the script. Everyone seemed to be happy until the t.v. executive who’d made the deal left ABC and his replacement wrote pages of barely literate notes. One gem: “Alex Delaware needs a defect. How about a limp?” The rest, as they say, is non-history.

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