My first non-Delaware outing since THE BUTCHER’S THEATER. The challenge was to write both from a woman’s perspective and through the eyes of a child. Having treated kids for years, I was pretty sure I pull off the latter. My confidence for handling a female POV was a bit shakier, but I was encouraged by the novels of my brilliant wife. Faye Kellerman has long been recognized by other writers as a female novelist who’s able to write from a male POV with special panache and authenticity. Some of that may stem from growing up with brothers but I suspect the main reason is that Faye is extraordinarily perceptive and empathetic and has great writing chops. Anyway, I gave it a shot and felt comfortable with the process early on. Delaware appears in a cameo, here, but the story’s all Petra’s. The plot centers around a young runaway boy living in L.A.’s Griffith Park. Shortly after publication, I visited Childrens Hospital of L.A., my alma mater, and met up with some physicians in The Division of Adolescent Medicine. They said, “Jon, have you been sitting in on our case conferences? Every so often we encounter runaways living in Griffith Park.”

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