Time for another non-Delaware. I wanted to write from the perspective of psychologist who wasn’t Delaware – someone younger, tormented, with a troubled past. This novel probably tapped into my need to explore a decade and a half working as a hospital psychologist. The experiences that beset Dr. Jeremy Carrier, particularly with oncology patients, don’t mirror my own directly, but they do relate to my years on the cancer wards. For the setting, I chose a huge, gloomy public hospital in an edgy district of an anonymous mid-West city. Anonymous because I wanted to create an eerie look-over-your-shoulder ambience. I also strove to evoke some of the genteel but robust suspense of the best Sherlock Holmes tales. I’m constitutionally incapable of writing a “cozy.” But there are cozy elements nudging their way through some hard-boiled suspense and more than a few abjectly terrifying scenes. Hopefully, an interesting combination.

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