When I’m not writing, I’m often playing guitar and painting. The world of art and performance fascinates me. The people who make it to the top garner all the attention. But what happens to the artists, equally or more talented than their famous peers, who never achieve celebrity status? In the art world, if you’re not at the top, you’re often way at the bottom, socially, financially and emotionally. You’re also put in the position of being judged, constantly, by those less talented than yourself. What if a self-styled“critic” put his feelings into homicidal action, taking out his frustration on gifted souls just on the verge of “making it?” Cold, indeed. Alex, Milo, and Petra – because she’s a Hollywood detective and you can’t do showbiz without cruising Hollywood. My late, dear friend, the astonishingly gifted songwriter and musician Warren Zevon, liked this one, so I figure I did a decent job.

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