Potboiler, a new novel by Jesse Kellerman, is out from Putnam July 5th!

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A little bit about the book:

From the internationally bestselling author of “The Genius” and “The
Executor” comes “another brilliant performance.”*

Arthur Pfefferkorn is a has-been, or perhaps a never was: middle-aged college professor with long-dead literary aspirations. When his oldest friend, bestselling thriller writer William de Vallee, is lost at sea, Pfefferkorn is torn between envy and grief, but de Vallee not only outshone Pfefferkorn professionaly, but married the woman Pfefferkorn loved. Pfefferkorn’s decision to reconnect with de Vallee’s widow sets in motion a surreal chain of events, plunging him into a shadowy realm of double crosses and intrigue, a world where no one can be trusted-and nothing can be taken seriously.

“A hilarious Mobius strip of a novel,”** Potboiler is “very funny-and¬†insightful.”***

* Kirkus, starred review
** Palm Beach Post
*** Booklist