Hi, everyone. Thought I’d update you on all the mischief I’ve been up to…

The paperback of GUILT will be out December 31, 2013. Maybe I should add the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne to the cover.

The hardcover of the new Delaware novel, KILLER, will be published on February 11, 2014. This one has Alex facing danger at an unprecedented level.

I’m well into the Delaware to follow, titled MOTIVE, a book I’ve conceived as the ultimate Why-dunit.

I’m also nearly finished with a stand-alone novel titled THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTER that features a fascinating psychologist who is also…a murderer’s daughter, named Grace Blades. Tough, brilliant young woman, former student of Alex D. You’ve never met anyone quite like her and I think you’ll enjoy getting to know her as she fights her way through some harrowing challenges.

Finally, my son Jesse and I have just finished our collaborative novel, THE GOLEM OF HOLLYWOOD, which will be published in the Fall of 2014. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this tale of a troubled, obsessive L.A. detective chasing a vicious serial killer across two continents. Very scary stuff combined with edge-of-the-chair but believable supernatural elements. Also the emergence of a protagonist I can best describe as a superhero for our millennium.

Best and continued happy reading, JK